That’s Just Me

One would say the truth hurts.. and I believe the reason I am rarely surprised by the truth is because I am no stranger to pain. I may have my beliefs on many subjects and could very well be wrong on one or many. Yet, upon noticing that I may be misconstruing information I yield and accept facts of the matter. At one point in my life I was hard headed and stubborn. And wouldnt dare changing my mind for anyone. If I believed it, I could care less what anyone said. It took years for me to realized the err in those thought patterns. I am still hard headed to a degree. I am thankful I am no longer stubborn though. The thing about me is; if you really know what you are talking about, I’d listen and comprehend your statements. But, if you are speaking on opinion or hearsay, I may just tell you to GTFO out my face. Sweet Brown (aint nobody got time for that)! As I grow older, I seek to improve on my mentality, presence and purpose. I am not perfect, but I will make every attempt possible to be. I mean, WWJD? He’d be perfect… Sounds like a goal to me. Although I may never get there, I sure will enjoy trying…


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