Two As Breakfast

                Early in the morning just waking up and I’m hard as a lamp post. I look over and don’t see you though. I decide to take a shower but the smell of bacon is in the air. *sniff* pancakes, eggs * sniff sniff* and hot cocoa. I mosey on over to see an apron over your naked body. We exchange morning greetings followed by a deep French kiss. I slap you on the ass and reach for the syrup, pour some on my chest and say “oops Look at what I done did.” You take the skillet off the stove and walk over to me oh so sexily and proceed to lick it off. Then demand that I lay across the table while you drizzle more syrup down my chest to my dick You then slowly lick it all off with slow passionate kisses, deep sucking and light licks. When you get to your prize I let out a gasp as you start licking around the head of my cock. I start caressing your breast as you go up and down with intoxicating moans and various degrees of pressure suction. I tap your side so you could swing your lower half on top of me. Your smell is as sweet as omni honey and I immediately start lapping up the juices that has been running down your thighs. Moaning and sucking the best breakfast to have. The taste sends me into a zone of dining on your pussy like I never have before. You’re responding by deep throating, ball sucking and every now and then stopping to scream…Yes! We both are bobbing and salivating all over each other with an in-sync rhythm. I can feel your pussy muscles contracting around my tongue at the same time…I’m getting ready to cum. We both start sucking harder and faster until we both buss in each other mouths, drinking every drop of fruit. We get up and I pick you up. You scoop up the bacon eat some feed me some and we go back to bed…. Brunch time!!


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