Talk to you


Aye yo homes! My Soul Hurts!
My heart low ya heard me!?!
I fucked around and thought on you too long, now my emotions going from sad to angry to just feeling utterly destroyed. I find no comfort when I’m like this. What is it called when tears just fall? No sounds, no heavy breathing or hooping and hollering…not crying(crynin) or weeping.. I’m just hurt… My soul is hurt bruh. This is tugging at my spirit something awful chief. I really wish you had stuck with me with this music. I always despised the streets for this very reason. It seems you forgot. I always tried to encourage you positively. Money rang a bit louder though. Pressure pressed a tad harder than I. Should I have pushed harder. Should I have been more convincing. What Should Have I Done!!??!!
Two things you know I’ll never do for anything or anybody… And that’s fully take heed of what a doctor says and put my life on the line. Society made those norms. “Listen to the doctor.” “I’d die for such n such I love them so much.”
Both bullshit! I’ll listen to Doc, and then use Mother Nature’s version of their prescription!! Do I Still Sound Fucking Crazy!!!! And This Government has built a society to whereas Mostly Those In Poverty Stricken Situations Has An ‘I’ll die for it attitude’. I told you this… I’m tripping though… I’m fucked up, that’s what I am…. My Soul Is Bleeding Dawg!!! And tears are just falling..
No sniffling, hooping and hollering… not crynin or weeping …
Just falling tears as I look out from this realm through these eyes.
Hurts worse than a crisis…
My Soul Hurts!
I released a single Friday. A love poem called ‘Those Eyes’. Our sister says she love it. I felt great after hearing that..
I also am getting better at mixing and am currently learning to master my music. Give them that Xteele feel ya know. I still have the bangers you did. Motherfuckers wouldn’t even pay me a dollar to have a song to keep your memory. Family and friends. Fuck’em! Niggas we know rapping and straight Poo Water. This shit here is not usually my norm, but after what I just realized… This Lil chat is therapeutic for my mind. I’ll meditate and chant to heal my spirit.
I Miss You, Happy Father’s Day and Long Distance High Five!!! Lol..


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