Keep Trekking


There’s a lot in this world people don’t know.

A lot of walks in life I refuse to go.

You could hold your head and ignore the trajics of this land

 But it won’t stop what God has planned.

And I can try to fight for a better life for all my folks.

Yet the cries keep me from hearing..

Ya gotta move on, keep trekking for your dreams

Ya gotta move on, it’s not as bad as it seems… Move On

A whole lot of pain finds its way through my joy. I play the game of life to find out it’s not a toy. I hold my head tightly ah many nights without my boy. My brother died violently; no there’s no filling that void. Stuck between the truths formed from lies of Christianity and the hidden colors of kemet. So I just claim life as my religion, hope God not upset. With me, there’s a lot of bullshit just as much as the next man.. Yet, I can’t help to know there’s hope for me here. Mother’s cry from the pain of a love less life. Fathers are strong pillars through a life of plight. These days children witnessing deaths…day and night. Crooked cops blasting our youngings before they can put up a fight. Oooh but they scream! Move Straight Ahead! Only you can stop the madness from coming to a head. I’m no where near the steps to my last bed. In my fight for righteousness I am not afraid. I will be triumphant in my endeavors for the sake of my future. Looking in the mirror, I believe #BlackLivesMatter… I just hope they don’t shoot ya…

Keep Trekking!XteeleLogo


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