Those Eyes Drop

Good Morning! Loves! Up!
I’m having faith this gets to my Superbly Significant Sisters that I can and can not reach and the Strong Striving  Brothers they’d Love to be breached on all fronts by;
I do this for all the power that is love, let’s increase. The way to passion is through her eyes.
Yea! I give ya my all since a seed… Women must demand and push their brothers frequencies higher.
Then is when we will be able to Put Up to Make Negative Energies Shut Up, Truth! No desire. This streetcar named ‘Those Eyes’. We screen forward the charts to last for art sake
Link here and in bio.. Beaut!!!


#ThoseEyes #LovePoetry #LovePoems #TooTightFam #TeamVisionPSP #2GXteele  #AngelEyesOfLove


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