Occupation: Lyricist pt.1

Occupation Art

What it do with your paper stacking techniques?

Can you make it happen captain 24/7 for 52 weeks?

Work hard as reality set its peaks? Really love a child as you take care and sneak a peek?

How about balling hard in the park? Until you get ya own gym: then ball dog hard in the dark?

For ones who struck steel and moved for us! Cop degrees, Pure soldiers! Work for the lord!

Build games, advance life through technology.

Fly planes, protect the Earth; defending you or me.

There’s those who train dogs and cats. Ones responsible for counting stacks. Plus those who rack the yac(cognac).

There’s so much stuffing, tagging and assembly going on across this nation. You can even build a corporation.

So from the tailors to so many kinds of doctors. To the DJ’s who come through ya speakers to rock ya. Do something, be someone, don’t do without an… Occupation.

So from the parents to educators. The Ballers! Businessmen and Scatebladers, Those who raise dogs! Maybe the Professional faders! Or You like to Draw!

Tell Me Your Occupation! ‘Cause You Can Be The President Fawl!!

My Occupation: Lyricist




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