Nothing Left


In this cold cruel world, I feel I got nothing left. In the darkness alone, I’m running out of steps; to take, there’s  too much money to make. So I pick up the pen and find ways to escape…

This void in my pocket!

The hate we got to stop it!

The way we raising these kids, is nowhere near righteous!

There’s too much at stake and at hand; there’s too many snakes in the sand. I’m going to too many wakes throughout my plan.

Keep switching up the way I do things, somehow gotta protect the changes from the errors of man.

Who keep many excuses for doing the wrong things.  Leaving hope and abusing the future staining these kids brains.

I take it easy, never stressing although I’m feeling the pain. Know nothings useless unless there’s nothing left when you came.

I hold my head high remembering life’s not a game. And give something to this world, before there’s nothing left… I’m just saying…

There’s no peace, if we can’t stick together. There’s no hope for you and me, if we don’t fight for rights; it’s a wasted life we’ll be falling for eternity… And there’s no justice, you can’t have peace without liberty. Link up forever, rise through this weather. You Can’t fall victim to the beast..


(The rest of this song/poem is performed by my belated brother Calvin Deal… You can hear this song by requesting a copy from Frank Xteele @ for $1 donation)

Rest In Power Lil Brother!!!


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