Sexiness Is Required


Sexiness Is Required

For you…Sexiness is required every time you step out your door. You have the essence of me screaming…My, my, my… Mi amore!
With the scent of the most precious flowers…You have all my senses aroused up…With a walk that seems like a quarter-horse is arriving. When you’re arriving…
Step this way love, everyday love. Your beauty glows in every way love. For you, sexiness is a lifestyle. The ultimate display, love…I could feel the vibes you’re sending. Calling everything that is I. You’re like the best gift God has sent. Did you get it from your mama or did you fall from the sky?
Either way; what a blessing you are…To this feeling called passion. A smile that’s everlasting, I hear angels singing while you’re laughing. You’re like the ultimate love song. I’m having a real deep love jones. I’m going hard in this love zone. Everyday writing love poems.
For you…Sexiness is required, every time you prepare to speak. You have a way with how you say your words; that sends a vibe through me.
The sweetness in your tone; I swear when we on the phone…It’s like your words travel through the wires with melodies massaging my bones.
I know exactly how you feel about me. You tell me again and again. You’re that woman with a spirit of love. That ultimate friend….
My homie….My lover…A woman… A mother… You speak of love on a realm like no other. You mention verse; that has the intent of being my queen…Forever by my side, you always call me king
This is our world and everyone else is just passing through. We make love everyday…
You live for me and I… for you…

Hey Love….

Your Sexiness Is Required!

Copyright 2016



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