Fight of my Life

This morning I awoke realizing two things…

One: I have never taken a vacation on my own.

Two: I have been fighting for survival my entire life.

Now the first is really no problem, because I have had some great splurge weeks right here in New Orleans also in California. So I quickly dismissed that reckoning. But the second struck me as bring very disturbing because, it effected several aspects of my life without me fully acknowledging the source. Source being Sickle Cell. Aspects being: Education, My Love Life and Employment. All Three Need Serious Attenton; A Lifeline so to speak. I allowed Sickle Cell to be a problem in all, in different ways. Therefore keeping me in a state of being stagnant without realizing that I am in that state of complacency.

Education is easy to fix. NOW, because I know exactly what I want to do and how to go back to school shortly… (Came to me in the Wind… *insider)

My Love life and employment…. ehhhh… not so easy. See, I don’t want to get involved with someone for fear of being a dependent. Yeah, I hear you, fear will make you it’s bitch. But as a man, being dependent is the last thing you want to be. Although there’s more, that’s the main thing that worries me. Far as Employment goes, I’ve been through almost ten-teen jobs in the last three years. Labor is all they offer or claim I’m qualified to do. No degree so it’s hard labor slave work for minimum wage. Those jobs send me to the E.R. never to return to that job again.

I know you may say, well Frank… How come you’re not on Disability and have Medicaid for your Sickle Cell?  And that is a great question.The answer to that is a combination of experience and common sense. I’m 39 because they basically told me as a kid I’d die around 25-27. I found out how they figured this out. THEY DON’T KNOW WHAT THEY ARE DOING!!!

See, as a kid I stayed in and out the hospital until I almost died at the age of 17 from taking too much of their legal dope to ease the pain. Plus I enjoyed the high. After I got out that situation, I noticed that I’d surely die if I continue to take the medicine. So, I Stopped and started incorporating Cannabis as my way of treatment into my regime ( Now I meditate, do a lil yoga and get a professional massage when i can afford it). Doing so, I rarely had to go to the Emergency Room let alone even make an appointment to see my doctor. Then when I did see a doctor, I’d refuse to take the medicine and if I did “just take the script” to satisfy them, the medicine would never show in my bloodstream. So they kicked me off disability and Medicaid because I wouldn’t conform to their system they use that has killed countless Sickle Cell Warriors!

This is My life, The Fight I’ve been enduring since birth. In The last Year Alone… to this date, I’ve witnessed the death of 15 Sicklers… Including My Lil Brother. They make you an addict and then treat you as one…

I refuse to Conform… I refuse to give up…  I refuse to quit…

Hi, I’m Frank… And I’m In The Fight Of My Life With Sickle Cell…

Thanks For Reading…


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