It’s Jan. 25 I believe and Sickle Cell Patients are still victims of the pharmaceutical companies.

A couple more people with Sickle Cell died this weekend.
The medicine makes you a fiend for it at an early age. The doctor’s give you stronger medicine and alternative pain killers as options at the same damn time. The alternative medications has a whole lot of side effects as in 6 or more; so you are guaranteed at least one. Which means, that’s another pill to take. The different amount of medication taken throughout the day, daily for yeara causes deteriation of bones, cells, muscles, tissues, etcetera. Slowly you die from the inside out. Sickle Cell Patients are being experimented on. There is no cure. The only way to survive a long life is to NOT LISTEN to the doctors. Eating Good or Healthy, Yoga, Massages and Cannabis has kept me alive. Ignoring the urges for legalized dope, only going to the Emergency Room to get a saline I. V. and refusing to take hydroxyurea is what keeps me alive. When I’m hurtling a lot, nothing else matters more than rest, food, comedy and water. They have tricked the parents into this systematic Genocide as if westernized medicine is the only way to go. They have made every alternative taboo. And MEDICAID doesn’t cover food as medicine, marijuana as an healing agent, massages or acupuncture as treatment.

Its Take this pill

Get under this radioactive machine.

I couldn’t possibly understand the logic as a kid. So as an adult, I speak to you on behalf of YOURSELVES AND YOUR CHILDREN… And I say…


From Alkaline Water to Fresh Healthy Food to Meditation  to Yoga…

Incorporate it all daily.. Show yourselves and the doctors that you know better…

For The Lies Told To Us They Don’t Really Believe That We Matter.

Learn Better, KNOW BETTER, Do Better, Feel Better!!!


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