Her Though!

I really like…  her

I’ve never met a woman like her before. Intelligence that makes MY brain crave for more. Witty, sexy and seriously a Big Tease…

I like that though, hopefully is state of being I can look forward to, no? Yes? Either way, I know if I do my best at being me… I may… just past… her test.

She’s beautiful too. Not just her spirit, but her face. Not just her body but her state…

I see her, I really like her…

I bet it’d be wondrous to kiss her…

Extraordinary to love her…

How can I miss her, when we haven’t had ‘The Talk’? She had to see me staring as I loose myself in ‘Her Walk’! How can I just rush and ask her to be with me, when it’s more than the flesh should be sought… after?

Before you say she’s not right for me whoa!

Read my lips because, I must confess this here yo!

I… Really… Like… Her… Though!




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